At Someday Farm we take pride in having happy, healthy sport horses. Our horses are able to reach their athletic potential by being of sound mind and body.  In order to keep our horses performing and competing at their best, we put their needs above those of the trainer and rider. We take an active role in the welfare of our horses.  We maintain a good working relationship with our veterinarians and farrier to ensure the health, soundness and well-being of the horse.  All horses are required to be kept on our regular worming, vaccination, teeth floating, maintenance (if needed) and shoeing schedule. 

  • Horses fed a customized diet to fit their individual needs
  • While stabled, horses receive constant access to Tifton hay and are provided hay during turn out (total of 2% of body weight)
  • Horses are fed twice daily with Nutrena feed.
  • Horses are turned out 7 days a week (At night in summer and during the day in winter)
  • Horses are blanketed in winter
  • Owners live on premises